HCCSC board discusses new way to assess student, school and district progress

The Huntington County Community School Corporation Board of Trustees discussed a new way to assess student, school and district progress during its June 8 meeting.

The Reform database can pull information to see how each student compares to the rest of the corporation's students in the courses he or she takes, standardized test scores and RIT scores.

RIT is a ranged scoring system that measures student achievement in different skill areas, such as the prime classes of language arts, reading and math.

The information was broken down Monday night to distinguish problem areas in the dis-trict that are below the corporation goal level.

In a special presentation given by Superintendent Tracey Shafer, graphs were used to depict grade levels that fell below the goals set for 2012 in reading and math.
All the information used in the presentation was from the database.

Corporation goals for 2012 include 90 percent of the district's students reading at grade level, up from the 86.07 percent of students who now read at grade level. Also by 2012, the corporation wants 90 percent of the district's students to have mastered grade level math skills; currently HCCSC is at 85.74 percent.

The information was broken down further to depict where each grade level is falling short of the goals.
Shafer also explained to the board the data can be broken down many other ways and discussed how each goal was being implemented and developed.

Other items discussed at Monday's meeting included ways to reach the corporation goals, a new method in calculating the corporation's employee pay and several rewrites of current board policy, particularly the policy on conflicting events held in school facilities.
Shafer wants to install "flexible language" so he and the board have the final decision on what overrules another event.

This policy is in the process of being rewritten to avoid another conflict such as the recent one between the Huntington North High School's Varsity Singers group and the Huntington County Wrestling Club, the board says.