City and county will work together on airport road

Huntington Mayor Steve Updike, Huntington County Commissioner Kathy Branham and Jaime Miller, treasurer of the Huntington Board of Aviation, (from left) stand next to a map showing a road that will be extended to provide emergency access.
Photo by Cindy Klepper.

A joint city-county project will provide an emergency access road to the rear of the Huntington Municipal Airport property.

Currently, the airport has just one entrance - off of Ind.-5.

With this project, Meridian Road will be extended to provide the rear access to the airport.

City and county officials gathered at the airport on Wednesday, June 3, to announce the project.

Since 2001, when the airport runway was extended, Meridian Road has ended at a fence along the airport property line, says Jaime Miller, treasurer of the Huntington Board of Aviation. Representatives of the airport, which is owned by the city, approached Tom Wall, president of the Huntington County Board of Commissioners, about the possibility of extending the road so it could be used as an emergency access road.
The county commissioners agreed, and will work with the city to make the road a reality.

"The cost is minimal," Wall says, explaining that grindings from other road projects will be used to pave the Meridian Road extension.

Dave Schoeff, assistant director of the city's engineering department, will design the project, Miller says. Troy Hostetler, superintendent of the Huntington County Highway Department, and Dave Spencer, Huntington Street Department superintendent, will work together on the construction, he adds.

Extending the road to provide a rear emergency access will "save time and enhance safety," Miller says.

The road will be gated and will be built so that the city's largest emergency vehicle can use it, he adds.
Construction is slated for late summer.